Bathroom Design - Cloakrooms


A cloakroom normally has space as a challange


Burlington bathrooms have crafted a range of cloakroom options so you can match your chosen style throughout your home. They offer Edwardian, Victorian and Classic styles.


All options feature water saving technology – pair with a real wood seat with soft-close to accentuate the classic styling


Edwardian cloakroom range is the perfect addition to small bathrooms where other Edwardian pieces are used throughout the home giving a cohesive and seamless look and feel.



For a more contemporary solution





All in One


This is an ingenious solution.


At 25cm x 50cm it combines not only a ceramic basin, storage cabinet but also toilet roll and brush holder






This is a special combination - a unit that is small enough for a cloakroom but with a decent size basin that would not be out of place in a main bathroom


The basins are made from glazed ceramic which are wall mounted




The Compact Range


The Compact 25  has projection of 25cm - ideal for long long narrow cloakrooms


The Compact 30.5 is slightly larger and available wall hung or floor standing


For those with a small 2nd bathroom or cloakroom - something special


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