Kitchen Design - Worktops

The first thing you notice and touch in a kitchen is usually the worktop – we think it’s something that should be chosen carefully and where only the very best will do.

We love Brazilian black slate – it has a luxurious, timeless finish with warmth to the touch - also great for window sills and hearths.


Combining very low liquid absorption levels with a luxurious warm feel to the hand - available in a natural or brushed finish. All slate slabs are to a calibrated finish.







Timeless finsh

Apart from Slate there 3 other types of stone worktop material




Granite is a natural, very hard wearing stone which is elegant and stylish. As no two pieces of granite are the same your kitchen will have a unique look.






Unlike other natural stone worktops quartz is not quarried as large chunks but as granules. These are then processed to produce engineered worktops. Scratch and heat resistant - you don’t have to worry about aggressive cleaning with quartz



More malleable than granite or quartz, Silestone can be moulded into a variety of forms and provides a lustrous, smooth, seamless finish. Perfect for worktop designs which feature fluid shapes, flowing lines and curves. A high performance compound made up of 94% natural quartz it’s the first and only worktop with anti-bacterial protection. A non-porous material its very hard wearing and available in over 80 beautiful colours and textures.

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